This is a reproduction of the good old minium project. This time, it's target platform is win32, written using DirectX 9.0c.

Reminium.exe (616.21 kb)


  The Modeler is an integrated development environment for development of business and analytical models. These models consists of multiple object build-up in their own hierarchy, while each object carries it's own properties : connectors, channels, flows, execution plans, and so on.  

Server State

The Server State application is responsible for monitoring the current state of the video recording servers in the domain's web-farm and report their status to the user. An additional feature enables the user to implement a custom action using an open-interface architecture.


The Viewstation application is the client side viewing application and administration tool for the High-End digital recording server. The viewstation supported many sophisticated features such as motion detection, variable playback speed, synchronized playback and much more.

Death Rally 3D

A car racing game, developed as a workshop project for the Academic Colledge of Tel Aviv - Yaffo. Came out first.


VARS - Video Automatic Reconnaissance System

The video automatic reconnaissance system is an automated system that controls multiple cameras & radar unit in a virtual patrol over a pre-defined route. The information gathered is displayed over a panoramic display, along with it's day-light image for co-ordination purposes.


  Cyberdiam e-Commerce Web Site
The cyberdiam web site was an e-commerce web site that allowed both the customers and the diamond traders to buy/publish diamonds.

  ALFY Web Site 
Web site for Kids(3-9). The web site was flash based with rich colorful games. The web site had many on-line games and was implemented using Flash, IIS and MS-SQL.

Minium is an intro - a 64Kb executable file that display various graphics effects, accompanied by music. This project was written for a compatition called Summit 96. Further information on intros can be found here.





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